Darkseas Games


New Orleans, LA



Key people

Ian Fisch, Paul Fisch


Road Redemption


DarkSeas Games was formed in 2012 as a collaboration among video game industry veterans with a combined 35 years of games industry experience from such notable companies as Sega, Sony, Bioware, Gameloft, Pyro Studios, Disney Interactive, EA Sports, EA, Lucasarts, and more from the independent sector. The team’s collective gamography
includes large-scale projects such as God of War, God of War: Ascension, Dark Age of Camelot, Epic Mickey, Big Range Hunting 2, Starwars Old Republic, NBA 2K, Sorcery, Blast Works, , Planet 51, and more.

The teamEdit

"Our team has a combined 35 years of videogame industry experience. 

Ivan Myers' - Programmer, Senior Designer  Gabriel Resneck - Programming Support Ian Fisch - Senior Programmer, Level Designer 'Adam Grantham '-Game Design and Art Contributions Jason Tate - Senior Programmer Evan Smith - Lead Animator, Artist 'Paul Fisch - Senior Programmer Daniel Balazs - Programmer  Juan Fernandez de Simon - Designer Alexandra Diaz-Hall - Artist, GUI Art

We’ve worked on projects for companies such as Sega, Sony, Bioware, Gameloft, EA, Pyro Studios, Disney Interactive, 2K Sports, EA, Lucasarts, and more. "


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